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The History & Pop Culture Trivia Game

Krono is a trivia game where you try to place persons, events, music, movies & inventions correctly on a timeline.

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A Timeline Trivia Game

Place Events on a Timeline

Place iconic events, legendary figures, groundbreaking inventions, chart-topping hits, and cinematic classics on the correct spot in the timeline.

Shot of the timeline from Krono Trivia on the iPhone

New every day

The Daily Challenge

Compete with players worldwide in the Daily Challenge, featuring the same set of questions for everyone.

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A Time Machine

Explore History

Kill some time and learn from history. Just tap away and you can explore historic events, interesting persons and curious inventions.

Compete & Compare

Challenge Friends (or Foes)

Create a trivia game, generate a join code, and challenge your friends or foes to beat your score.

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Deep Dive

Themed Quests & Challenges

Dive deeper with special themed challenges exploring specific eras, movements, or events.

Shot of the Themed Challenge view from Krono Trivia on the iPhone